I would like to present an entire suite of Microcontroller development tools freely available, including source code, to enable people to program Microcontrollers using the platform and operating system of their choice

The GNUPIC pages comprise a unique collection of free development software for Microcontrollers. The site was officially launched on December 7 1996. Since then more than 25,000 visitors from all over the world have visited the pages.

And the GNUPIC pages are no longer restricted to Microchip Microcontrollers. Free software is available for all types of Microcontrollers and I intend to significantly expand this feature.

Perhaps you are curious about a Microcontroller? In essence, Microcontrollers are what transistors were in the 1970's. Today most people refer to them as 'chips'. They are found everywhere: microwave ovens, refrigerators, video-recorders and in the ubiquitous Walkman and its variants.

Microcontrollers are tiny computers usually only a few centimeters long, thus the name "micro" controllers. It has everything a small computer needs such as storage memory, input and output functions. The Microcontrollers are used for a multitude of functions; detecting if a button on the video-recorder is pressed, to gauge and regulate temperatures in the refrigerator, etc.

Even the hobbyist can write a small program for a Microcontroller, and program the code into the chip using the tools available on the GNUPIC pages. The tools are supplied, and also the source code for most of the tools so that the tools can be changed to meet your specific requirements. All tools are developed by hobbyists and/or professionals, and are free of royalties or other costs. Additionally, most of the software itself is written by professional developers from all over the world in their spare time.

Please review the pages. Use what you like, and remember, this is a public domain and it's free.sincerely,
Yours sincerely,


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